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Order of the national spirit, tolerance worlds China today, carrying an unprecedented brilliant, brilliant meet future. Jing Wang sucking the essence of national development, out of a science and technology startup, market-driven, promote the cultural development of the road, into a major health industry as the main line, to health care as the leading pioneer in the modern enterprise. Products covered three major market areas. Health Market: Health care products and mattresses and other daily necessities of life, adult nursing pads, adult diapers; maternal and infant market: maternal dedicated nursing pads, baby diapers; pet market: pet pad.

Jing Wang has gone from "so specialized, so refined, and stronger" health care extended to large processing enterprises health business platform. In "An Yau" brand-based health care products, to the community to provide excellent professional and meticulous service, to expand nursing full-featured product development model to promote the realization of the whole program of life and health care.

"The pursuit of Heaven, improve quality of life," the great concept of health, Beijing Wang established for different groups, promote scientific care, which allows consumers to enjoy high-quality products, attentive service experience, and the dissemination of advanced concept of consumption, create a harmonious cultural environment.

Looking ahead, in the fierce market competition, the survival of the fittest will be more brutal, enterprise behind. Jing Wang is a new business platform, full of opportunities, but also full of challenges. Wang Jing people clearly recognize that in this environment requires survival and development, we must continue to innovate and kicked diversification strategy. Only improve their own lack of enterprise, innovation, so that enterprises full of vigor and strength, enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, Wang Jing people to create a carrier-like enterprise development ecosystem, through the diversification of product structure, quickly and efficiently respond to market changes in demand. We have already embarked on the future of innovation, wealth creation journey, I believe this team will deduce many brave wonderful life, the emergence of a large number of entrepreneurs wealth miracle!
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