Ayude Disposable bed sheet and Disposable goods


Product info :

Brand: Ayude
Type: Disposable baby diapers
Color: White
Size: 18*40cm/ 25*33cm/ 45*33cm
Material: Non-woven Spunlace , PE film , Fluff Pulp, Blotting paper, SAP
Suitable for : Newborn, babies and infants
Product descriptions : Soft and comfortable, Dry and breathable, Skin-friendly and strong water absorption, Protect baby's delicate skin
Strong water absorption, Skin-friendly and Irritation-free, Environment-friendly

Product details:

1.Soft surface : Breathable and comfortable
Well breathable bottom design helps eliminate moisture and keep dry.
Baby's tender skin have a good care.
2. The widened and fitted diversion liquid insulation layer
Add the widened absorbent distribution layer, it can accelerate the diffusion rate and infiltration rate, reduce the anti-side leakage rate.
3. Highly breathable outer layer : soft and comfortable
Soft non-woven fabric brings cotton feels, just like mother's arms to take care of us.
4.Super magic absorption polymer:
Our products adopt strong absorption polymer, instant absorption.
Take care of your tender skin.

Soft and comfortable Anti-acaroids Healthy and breathable
1. breathable:
The most important standard to choice the diaper is the air permeability.
Baby's tender skin could get a better care.
2. Thinnest:
If the diaper is too thick,and coupled with the baby's urine, it will be a big burden for babies.
Please choice a thin diaper for babies.
3. Soft:
Baby's tender skin is easy to hurt by coarse cloth. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a soft surface diapers.

Product instructions :

Method 1:
The product can be used match with diapers tape, fresh and breathable, convenient and concise, prevent allergies.

Method 2:
Used with pure cotton gauze diapers, soft and comfortable to touch. The cotton interlayer help absorb water instantly. Besides, The strap on the diapers can free to adjust tightness, it’s more suitable and convenient.

Method 3:
Used with pure cotton diaper, it has a special string bag to place and fix of diapers.
Add the widened absorbent distribution layer and PE Film. Double protection, baby's tender skin have a good care.

Product details:

lozenged jacquard accelerate diversion and absorption. keeps clean and tidy all night.

The widened and fitted diversion liquid insulation layer design.
Firmly lock water and no leakage

Correct method of use:

1. Ready for the new diapers; 2. Wipe off stain with a piece of paper ; 3 Use a Wipes to wipe it again; 4. Apply Baby Barrier Cream evenly ; 5. Wearing diapers;6. Constantly changing
2. Specialist to explain:
Dry and comfortable :
Baby's tender skin is one over ten of the adult skin thickness. When it is affected by the urine, is easy to cause skin infections . Ayude’s magic absorption polymer can help take good care of baby’s tender skin.
Outer layer of paper diapers should have breathable micro holes , help eliminate stuffy moisture and nitrogen in diapers.
Interlayer in diapers should choose soft and fitted, soft and breathable.
Great elasticity:
Three months old babies begin to learn to explore the world by action. So the choice of the diapers should be fitted to prevent side leakage.

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