Ultra Thicken Disposable Non-woven Fabric Bed Sheet


Disposable Bed Sheets For Travel Wholesale 120*200cm Nonwoven

Item No.: A 0005 - 2
Specification:  150*220cm,
Materil:            High quality non-woven fabric
Weight:            168g
Color:              White
Package:    &n
                    Disposable nonwoven bed sheet / disposable sheet

Product info:

Brand:      Ayude
Type:        Disposable Bedding Sets
Color:      White
Specification:  150*220cm,
Weight:      168g
Material:    High quality non-woven Spunlace
Suitable for :  Hotel, home ,travel, business trip
Product description : Soft and comfortable, skin friend and health, anti-acarid and anti-bacterial


It is adopt high quality non-woven fabrics, lightsome, breathable and affordable.
Waterproof and isolation of bacteria on the mattress.

Soft and comfortable, Pro-environment and health, easy to carry
Ayude sheet adopts more appropriate design, It has four elastics can be used to fix on the bed.
Our product adopt high quality and pure cotton non-woven fabric, without any additives.

Easy to carry, clean and fashion, soft and comfortable, skin friendly and soft to touch.
Anti mite , fungi-proofing, and prevent crossinfection. It is particularly suitable for traveling and business
trips and it’s an excellent choice for hotels , hospitals and SPAs, etc.

It adopt advanced tieback design, In order to convenient to adjust the size and replace of the pillow .
It is beautiful, soft, comfortable, skin friendly and soft to touch.

Product Description :

Give you a reason to be assured.
Ayude product: 1 set = 5 set, In general, it can be used continuously for 10 days.
Other product: Thin, gently tore, it will be broken.
Hotel use, clean ,anti mite and fungi-proofing.
Ordinary hotel dirty sheets
Disposable bed sheets, clean and comfortable, avoid frequent cleaning.
Hospital bed sheets, mixed with washing, breeding ground for bacteria.
Easy to carry and reduce the washing time
If you camping with a household sheet, it’s easy to dirty , but not easy to clean.

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