Hotel magic disposable bath towel


Disposable Pillowcase Cover Nonwoven For Hotel Travel

Item No.: A 00011 - 1
Specification: 50*80cm,
Materil:          High quality non-woven fabric
Weight:          78g
Color:            White
Package:      Single package
Suitable for :  Hotel, home ,travel, business trip
                Single package disposable pillowcase

Product Advantage:

Comfortable, skin friendly ,pro-environment and fungi-proofing.
Refuse to use alkaline washing common sheets. Ayude gives you a  five-star enjoy of the bed .
The disposable use, clean , health and prevent crossinfection.
Compact and portable bring great suitability, help you have a good sleep all night.
High quality non-woven, Irritation-free ,Environment-friendly and disposable use,it makes you feel at home.
Health problems will never be your concern again.

Product Description :

It is adopt high quality non-woven fabrics, lightsome, breathable and affordable.
Waterproof and isolation of bacteria on the mattress.

Soft and comfortable, Pro-environment and health, easy to carry:
Ayude sheet adopts more appropriate design, It has four elastics can be used to fix on the bed.
Our product adopt high quality and pure cotton non-woven fabric, without any additives.

Easy to carry, clean and fashion, soft and comfortable, skin friendly and soft to touch:
Anti mite , fungi-proofing, and prevent crossinfection. It is particularly suitable for traveling and business
trips and it’s an excellent choice for hotels , hospitals and SPAs, etc.

It adopt advanced tieback design, In order to convenient to adjust the size and replace of the pillow .
It is beautiful, soft, comfortable, skin friendly and soft to touch.

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