Soft absorbent economic non-woven Adult nursing pad

Hot Selling 60*50cm High Quality Care Disposable Pregnancy Pad Under Nursing Pads

Item No.: B 0002 - 2
Size:      60*150cm (5 pieces/bag)
Color:    Pink
Weight:  550g
Material:  Non-woven fabric, PE Film, fluff pulp, Blotting interlayer, SAP
Applicable people :  pregnancy women, baby, women during menstruation
Disposable and multi-functional under pad for gravid / baby / adult



Urine pad for baby:
When baby's urine volume is larger, mattress will be wet . In this case,
please put a piece of pad on the mattress.It’s super water absorption , comfortable, and easy to replace.
Baby's bedwetting problems will never be your concern again.
Women during menstruation:
Women during menstruation can use it to keep sheets clean, and reduce the washing time.
Stretch freely & sleep restfully.
For puerperium:
Women in labor stage can use it to respond the lochia. Besides, it also can solve the prenatal
and postnatal incontinence completely.
Incontinent adults :
The use of these pads are widespread and convenient.

Why choose us ?

Super absorption:
Original fluff pulp from High quality foreign suppliers. With the antibacterial polymer
absorption bead bring super soft and tenacity, no stimulation and absorb instantly.
Leak proof bottom film:
All products adopt leak proof bottom film, keep comfortable and dry.
Love and care for everyday.
Lock water interlayer with SAP :
Instantaneous absorption .It is comfortable and safe to use.
Soft and comfortable:
Soft breathable non-woven top-sheet keeps you dry and comfortable.
Fluff absorber with rhombic embossment assures high absorbency.
Leak proof bottom film prevents side leakage.
Safety and health:
All products in strict accordance with the high standards of production.
Every production process in the purification of high standard workshop.
It ensures that the product meets the requirement of comfortable and healthy.

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