Super breathable absorption of disposable diapers

Ultra Absorbent Breathable Soft Disposable Baby Underpad

Item No.: B 0003 - 3
Peace of mind & Promise of Ayude
Super absorbent and lock water
Super breathable layer, Super absorbent core, Super soft cotton surface
Soft / Anti-side leakage / soft cotton surface / Humanized design / Instant lock water
           Ultra Absorbent Breathable Disposable Baby Diaper

Product details:

Instant absorption & persistent dry
Fast lock water & Close-fitting design
Vertical leakage-proof & Super soft caress

1.Well breathable bottom design helps eliminate moisture and keep dry.Baby's tender skin
have a good care.

2.Add the widened absorbent distribution layer, it can accelerate the diffusion rate and infiltration rate,
reduce the anti-side leakage rate.

3.Soft non-woven fabric brings cotton feels, just like mother's arms to take care of us.

4.Our products adopt strong absorption polymer, instant absorption.Take care of your tender skin.


For puerperium: Take good care of your confinement
Women during menstruation: Keep sheets clean and dry
Urine pad for baby: To prevent the baby wet the bed
Incontinent adults : Use for incontinent adults

User Guide:
Diapers wear right, baby more comfortable
Open diaper and put it flat, keep the side with ruffle upright to prevent leakage.
Keep the side with magic on the back of baby's ass
Attach magic tape onto the front of the diaper according to baby's size, and make the diaper is balanced.

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