Enterprise core


Enterprise Core

Dream Departure

From the beginning of the dream, as long as the firm voyage heart,
The horizon is doomed gorgeous sun!

Myshine Philosophy

Myshine core philosophy: fine (jing) Cheng actions live up to expectations (wang)
Myshine core values: teamwork, innovation, influence, execution
Myshine mission: to lead the forefront of creating unlimited future health
Myshine Vision: advanced health care technology companies and a leading provider of market supply
Myshine four strategies: internationalization, strategy, collaboration, community of interests

Myshine spirit of enterprise

Work style: flexibility, daring Ganpin
A sense of crisis: success or eliminated
Sense of competition: customers first effort to forge ahead

Myshine basic values:

Management thinking: cost, performance, customer value
Innovative ideas: product innovation and value innovation
Marketing concept: market-oriented customer first
Knowledge Management: Value growth and progress
Capital Business philosophy: a win-win for the first interactive merit
Value Distribution concept: pay and reward is proportional to
CSR concept: quality community Thanksgiving
Market philosophy: quality Professional Responsibility
Technology concept: technology created Future
Talent concept: People of humane
Productivity philosophy: quality quantity sales
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