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Health Care Disposable Plastic Toilet Seat Cover Travel Pack

Product info:
Brand: Ayude
Type:  Toilet seat covers disposable
Materil: New environmental protection PE film
Size: 40*48cm
Function: Water-proof and bacteria-proof
Instructions: Open packaging to take out the toilet mat, directly set on the toilet seat
Description: Specially designed for travel and public use ,Health and clean, independent packaging, compact and portable, prevent cross infection, take care of your health, long spare parts is on business trip

Product details:
Gear package edge, open and use easy
Single package, clean and safe, environmental protection, please feel free to use.
Small and light, easy to carry
Health standards, clean and health, long shelf life, can be more prepared
Package with date, please be assured
Delicate PVC laminating bags

Ayude - Professional nursing, trustworthy

1. Security: Anti bacteria and cold insulation, positive environmental new PE film, wate-rproof and moisture-proof, effectively avoid cross infection.
2. Non-slip: Disposable toilet seat have non-slip back surface, can effectively prevent fall off when use, solve the secret sorrow
3. Convenience: This toilet only palm-sized, shape as we usually use paper towels, easy to carry, lovely and mini.
4. Healthful: This toilet mat is disposable supplies, you can lost out when it was used. Health and Wellness. Go to the toilet will never be your concern again.
5. Comfortable: Texture soft and delicate, is applicable to any type toilet, this toilet seat is for general model

Why choose us ? Give you 11 reasons to be assured
1. Factory direct, quality assurance:
Our products are our own factory production, quality guaranteed.
Always adhere to customer first service concept, We adhere to good quality ,human, environmental protection and health products for the service concept. Give the customers trust products.

2. Set into of design, not easy to slide
This product adopts set into of design, whole packaged and completely isolated. It’s not easy to slide, please feel free to use. On the market, many toilet uses single isolated place, easy to slide. It's easy to picks up microbes on his or her skin, and infected with bacteria.

3. Environmental and health, non-toxic and tasteless
The product adopts advanced environmental protection PE film, non-toxic and tasteless, high transparency and good quality.

4. Non-slip surface design, prevent the products from sliding 
Product surface of the antiskid frosted design, comfortable to touch, and not sticky skin after use.

5. Single package, small and light
This product in addition to the outer packing, each piece is single and sealed packaging, health security, small and light. Both in home and go out is a great choice.

6. PVC coated packaging, isolated from bacteria
After each single package, the outer packing with PVC coated, double isolated from bacteria.
10 pieces to facilitate carrying and concentrated, not messy, size is appropriate.

7. Gear incision, easy to use
Inside and outside of the ends of the bag are gear incisions , easy to open and use.

8. Independent packing, small footprint
Outside package size: 20*11cm
Inside package size:12.5*7.5cm
Small and easy to carry, suitable for various occasions, one of the necessities of going out

9. Waterproof design, non-toxic sterile
Against the toilet residue sewage, clean and sanitary.
Avoid cross infection effectively

10. Long shelf life , please feel free to purchase
More than three years shelf life, you can rest assured to purchase. It’s convenient to stock up.
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