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What's in disposable diapers – and are they safe for your baby?

What's in disposable baby diapers – and are they safe for your baby?

      1.Soft surface : Breathable and comfortable

Baby's tender skin have a good care.
  1. The widened and fitted diversion liquid insulation layer
Add the widened absorbent distribution layer, it can accelerate the diffusion rate and infiltration rate, reduce the anti-side leakage rate. 
  1. Highly breathable outer layer : soft and comfortable
Soft non-woven fabric brings cotton feels, just like mother's arms to take care of us.
  1. Super magic absorption polymer:
Our products adopt strong absorption polymer, instant absorption.
Take care of your tender skin.

All products adopt soft and high quality PE films, enjoy great elasticity and toughness.
baby's bedwetting problems will never be your concern again.
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