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Wholesale Manufacture Travel Use Disposable Quilt Covers

Product info:
Brand:     Ayude
Type:      Disposable quilt covers
Color:       White
Weight:    Single:365g, Double:430g
Size:       Single :1.2m Double:1.8m
Material:    High quality non-woven Spunlace
Suitable for :  Hotel, home ,travel, business trip
Product description : Soft and comfortable, skin friend and health, anti-acarid and anti-bacterial
Single package size:  30*38cm
Product highlight :
Multiple advantages, comprehensive care for your health
High quality non-woven fabric , Professional sterilization, Exquisite packaging ,high quality machine
Application occasions:
SPA, Travel business trip, Camping, Hotel
Holiday, sauna, camping,
To travel, to go abroad, on a business trip
Beauty SPA
You need it
Small items to solve big problems
It is particularly suitable for traveling , camping and business trips and it’s an excellent choice for hotels , hospitals and SPAs, etc. It is easy to carry and effectively avoid the common sheets repeat use, keep clean and prevent crossinfection.
More light, more portable, more breathable
Well-packaged brings warm and fashionable, makes you feel at home.
Green and health care brings full of sunshine to your life.
Easy to carry and relaxed to life
Comfortable journey begins from this moment.
Best choice of product ,best promise of Ayude
Product advantages:
Give you a reason to be assured.
Great manufacturers, Good quality material, Exquisite workmanship, Strict process,
All of our products meet national standards and health care standards.
Quality guarantee.
Hotel use, clean ,anti mite and fungi-proofing.
Ordinary hotel dirty sheets
Disposable bed sheets, clean and comfortable, avoid frequent cleaning.
Hospital bed sheets, mixed with washing, breeding ground for bacteria.
Easy to carry and reduce the washing time
If you camping with a household sheet, it’s easy to dirty , but not easy to clean.
Product details:
Cute cartoon package brings warm and brand concept, help you feel at home.
It is particularly suitable for traveling and it’s an excellent choice for hotels , hospitals and SPAs
It adopt advanced tieback design, In order to convenient to adjust the size and replace of the
pillow . It is beautiful, soft, comfortable, skin friendly and soft to touch.
This product is thin, More light, more portable and more breathable
Quality guarantee.
Great manufacturers, Good quality material, Exquisite workmanship, Strict process,
Small volume and convenient to carry brings great suitability. Help you find your lost sleep.
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